How We Became Interrupters

We all have a deep connection the South Side neighborhoods of Chicago. From a young age, we knew the vulnerability and susceptibility we had to violence. But we also knew that was not the identity we carried. Our communities were filled with lively, curious, kind, and compassionate people.


We created Pause For Peace to instill the techniques in the people of these communities to prevent ongoing violence and offer a space for individuals to enjoy a sanctuary that could lift them up through kindness, compassion, and empathy. The mission in our hearts is to break the stigma of our communities and promote a peaceful and just city.



Dr. Ameena Matthews

President & CEO

Shaykh Abdur R. Matthews

Vice President

Dr. Adrian Dade



Zanyab Caluette


Ghaniyya Lufti

General Board Member

Elijah Muhammed

General Board Member

Brianna LaNelson

General Board Member