Don’t let

30 seconds of rage

change your life forever.

Our motto is just a small part of our mission. We thank you for taking a moment to visit our website and encourage you to explore everything Pause for Peace has to offer.

Every moment of peace building matters.

How can you help?


Every contribution, no matter how large or small helps us deliver quality service to our community and share our knowledge amongst others. Help us continue our work in violence intervention, peace building and proactive community programs, by donating today.


We appreciate everyones unique talents, knowledge and experience. Share yours with us and the community we serve by joining Pause for Peace’s Volunteer base.


Community level action is vital for local welfare. Yet, we understand the importance in advocating for state and federal level solutions. Demanding policy change is an integral part of our mission.

Proactive not, reactive.

Break the cycle.

Every systemic issue and injustice in society can only be solved by addressing it at the root. The violence and gang influence in our communities will not end with force but only with addressing the reasons that motivate individuals to engage in violence. Our philosophy is to be proactive, rather than reactive. We strive to break the cycle our youth is susceptible to before they end up committing an act that could change their life forever.

Our headquarters where we,

dig our hands in the soil,

begin our peace building,

and lead proactive community engagement.